The illustration marathon led to some great rewards in all of the fatigue!

Some words about a great read, and a drawing inspired by the experience!

Fun little slideshow of my doodles from this month and a little ditty about certain things that I enjoyed!

A write-up about a fun commission that I did for a friend!

Your pal Ando reviews the post-apocalyptic book "Fiend" by Peter Stenson!

I had some great experiences last year, they led to the drive and determination that I have to make this year the best one ever. Join me on my journey, gang!

The first print release by the controversial St Christopher Webster, discussed by your pal Ando.

Your pal Ando's take on the book "Welcome to Nightvale" by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor.

Another Edgar Allan Poe story that your buddy Ando loves! Part 2 of the blog series on the EP that I'll be releasing in October of 2015 inspired by the works of EAP!

Your buddy Ando's feels on "Mesmeric Revelations" by Edgar Allan Poe! The first entry on the journey to create the EAP inspired release that will be coming out in October 2015!

A review of Sheri Fink's report of the tragedies that took place at Memorial Medical Center in NOLA during hurricane Katrina by your buddy Ando!

T.C. Costello, one of my favorite sarcastic storytellers, is back with his newest release “100 Years Ago!” This accordion-powered tongue-in-cheek inferno has helped me through countless drawings as I work on my upcoming book that I’m releasing in July.

The Everymen's record "Generations" reviewed by your pal Ando!

Derek W Dunn's debut solo EP "Poisonous Serpents" discussed by your buddy Ando!

Review of Gina Ranalli's quick read about an adventure in hell!

Ando's review of the haunted and soothing sounds of Dirty Rotten Snake in the Grass' release "Danger Gravy"!

"Station 11", a post-apocalyptic story reviewed by your bookworm buddy Ando!

Your buddy Ando's talk about the Hallow'd Ground's self titled release!

Thanks for such a good year! This year has some great times ahead!

Collection of short stories by Shirley Jackson that I read while on the road. I liked them, I think that you will too!

"Ocean of Lard", a parody of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series written by Bizarro authors Kevin L Donihe and Carlton Mellick III!

Bizarro fiction author Athena Villaverde's "Clockwork Girl!" reviewed by your buddy Ando. Check this one out, you'll get overwhelmed by the feels.

The time has come, yet again! This year's Farmageddon Records Music Festival artists that I'm super pumped to see!

Christopher Gold's "Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplain". A powerful collection of folk songs!

"The Morbidly Obese Ninja" by Carlton Mellick III, an action packed adventure reviewed by your buddy Ando!

For those of you that ordered the special editions without lyric booklets or prefer digital downloads, here are the lyrics for the record!

"You are Sloth!" by Steve Lowe, an epic adventure of an urban sloth.

A hilarious and raunchy restoration of 1920s and 1930s popular cartoon parodies, proudly presented in this timeless hardcover collection.

Ghost Hollow Road's spooky and energetic "I Know You've Waited So Long"!

This record causes the listener to have deep spiritual epiphanies. Super serial.

The Death Polka book club review of Eddie Kilowatt's poetry collection "Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight."

My take on Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy's latest release "Hatchetations"!

The first installment in the Death Polka book club! Take a journey into the bizarre and ferocious world of Necroterra...

Happy Halloween! Here's a write-up about a spooky romance EP by Amigo the Devil.

The Ditchrunners "Yankee Yell" debut EP!

St. Christopher and the Motherfckn' Saints: Last Chance at Freedom on Sxratch Native Records.

Top three van listens for the final leg of the four month tour in 2013!

Farmageddon Records music festival is going to be epic this year! This is who I am the most pumped to see!

This month's top tunes brought to you by the Swaggerin' Growlers tour!

Monthly update of the top three discs that were in the heaviest rotation in my van for show travels and such!

The Helligans have released a record and it's friggin' great!

There is a ton of music that is just blatantly rude. Then there is some music that is articulately rude. One can describe love in such poor taste, and I feel that these people have nailed it right on the head.

If I wrote a book, it would sound like this. Would you want to read it?

I terminated my account with the group "Rumblefish" recently. Groups like Rumblefish concern me and here's why...

I narrowed my favorite releases of 2012 down to three fantastic records that I think you should check out!

I recently got the chance to play with Greg in October of 2012. Found his folk-punk performance impressive and enjoyed his record quite a bit too. Listen to my ramblings regarding his tunes!

A lot of people have asked me what the story behind the Jolly Barrels is. This my best attempt to tell you that tale!

Some of my long-time most influential accordion players that I idolize.

STEAMCON IV: A weekend of art, music and mischief in Bellevue WA!

Holy crap! A book covering the rise and fall of the piano accordion in American music culture!

Those Poor Bastards' latest release, "Behold the Abyss" featuring a Death Polka cameo!

The Shivering Denizens' Summer 2012 release "Baker-Whiteley" that I got to do some guest spots on!

A little history behind this song. You guys seem to dig it so I thought I'd share.

48 hour film project: "Me Time". By Vince Ream at Ultramegacreative and World Famous.

The bands that I am the most super pumped to see at Farmageddon Records Music Festival on July 20th!

Why does anybody out there give a damn about what Facebook does?

List of gnarly bands that I've played with since the birth of Death Polka.

What's in store for Death Polka and the traveling musings of your buddy Ando this coming year!

Lyrics for all the numbers from "Death Polka Spear!" Published in 2011

Lyrics for the album: "Who Cares?" Published in 2009.

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