Curse of the Demon Tree


The death of one project can birth several new pieces!



Falling down a detailed rabbit hole of copyright and fair use law, I learned that a book I spent around 100 hours creating cannot be released unless I want to accept the risk of getting sued. Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

After I made the announcement about the non-release, a friend sent me a text reviewing the history of the Wu Tang Clan. Wu Tang member RZA created a single that wasn't able to be released due to the fact that one of the sampled clips in the song didn't get a copyright clearance. That slap in the face led to the formation of one of the best groups in the 90s. 

Maybe that's the best attitude to have. Not to say, "It's over." But instead to say, "Fine, what's next?"


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(I forgot to blog for over a month. I'm supposed to be uploading a blog with each new YouTube video. There's a good goal for 2020: "Don't forget to write your blog after you're done uploading!")