T.C. Costello brings a delightful cocktail of sarcasm, accordion, wind instruments, storytelling, guitar, and percussion to his records. His latest release, “100 Years Ago,” has all of these elements with the intriguing addition of the recurring song named after the album’s title. Between the intensity of his lyrics and accordion playing, our author gives us a moment to ground ourselves in the experience with interludes lasting anywhere from fourteen seconds to two minutes. It works perfect for his art. We as the listeners can get involved in his stories and then take a quick break to gently move our heads to a slow “breather song.”


My favorite song on this collection was “The Girl from Kazan.” This number tells the tale of a man courting a woman by killing anything better than him in her life. Because he loves her, he destroys anything in his path that would put a space between their hearts. This bloodbath includes her husband, her community, and anything else she holds dear. The song ends with the woman throwing herself off of a building. The speaker maintains a sense of pride while he sings the rest of the story following her death. It’s dark, hilarious, and it’s done in a way that only T.C. Costello can deliver it.


Most of the albums that I get, I only listen to once or twice. I can get the central themes/messages in a few passes. I don’t think that’s an uncommon way to listen to music, there’s so much out there that it’s normal to want to move along and explore more media. That’s not the case with this collection of tunes, they are so rich in content and storytelling that I’ve listened to them several times. “100 Years Ago” is not leaving the player anytime soon either. I keep getting a new experience when I listen, and I love that! You’d be smart to give this one a shot yourself.


Listen to “100 Years Ago” by T.C. Costello by clicking here!


****05/07/15: I spoke with TC Costello, and he let me know that "The Girl from Kazan" is based off of the life of Ivan the Terrible. Makes it even more fun to listen to!


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