Romance is defined by some people as: “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love”. Love is even harder to define, if not impossible. Everyone has their own stories, experiences and emotional mentors when it comes to how they view this elusive term.


How would a serial killer express love? Amigo the Devil discusses this in the opening track of his EP “Manimals” with the song “Dahmer Does Hollywood”. From the perspective of a man who killed and ate people, Amigo the Devil tells a story of love, lust and alcohol through this killer’s eyes. The vocals are gorgeous, the storytelling is articulate and the piece ends with you feeling sympathetic to a cannibalistic sociopath.


Now that he’s grabbed your attention, the author allows the next track to start slowly with a lonesome banjo roll. In “Perfect Wife”, Amigo the Devil tells another tale of love. One where he loves his wives so much that he disposes of them through methods such as blunt trauma and dismemberment. In the end, his final wife takes revenge and he still loves them all as if it were their first date. Again, how can you define this and say that this character does not love the people that he was involved with? As he says in this song, “Love makes you do funny things.”


“Husband” is the final track of this release, and it comes from a man that has accepted the loss of a woman that he adores to someone else. Stereotypically, many people in this situation would try to intervene. Some may try to prove their worth or loyalty to the one that got away, others may try to damage the integrity or physical well-being of the party that stole their love. In this case, though, Amigo the Devil keeps it simple by softly singing in his chorus: “Oh I hope your husband dies.” As if he has accepted that he has lost the object of his affection and is so in love that he would spend the rest of his life waiting for the one who got them to pass away. Another love song, one where it all comes down to your definition of what that word really means anyway.


This EP is beautiful. It is dark, eerie, romantic and powerful.




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