This piece was a total blast. Drawing bugs has always been fun, but to do a piece for someone that I've gotten to know over the years made it especially enjoyable.


Clint's musical catalogue is made up of twenty-some different releases. This discography ranges from punk, to ska, to hip-hop, and country. There was a short-lived podcast, called "Confessions of a Clinical Cynic", where Clint gave bitter dissertations on everyday life. Last year he put out a children's book. This guy is committed to creating, and he can bring it in more than one medium.


I loved making this guy's grinning drunk smile, with the little booze bottles pouring over in his hands. The texture work (making the little lines on the underbelly and around the face) were my favorite. I have been focusing a lot on texture/value studies this year in my drawing pursuits, and what started out as a tedious experiment has turned into one of the most therapeutic parts of visual creation.


The song in the video is called "Flies." It's by Clint Westwood. You'll be seeing this little bugger buddy on some posters around San Diego CA. I'll update this blog when I know more.


Check out Clint's music here


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