Life is a mixture of strange emotions and situations. I’m not sure that all of us will admit this, but it’s odd how just a few moments in our lives can shape us and make us who we are for the remainder of our time on this planet. We all have a story, we all have a moment, we all have a special person or small group of people that have (perhaps without knowing it) made an impact that’s lasted throughout our lives.


Athena Villaverde’s “Clockwork Girl” takes us through intense moments like that in each of the short stories featured throughout the bizarre fiction release. A butterfly girl struggling to find her place in her community, a wind-up girl trying to reconnect with her lost love, and a nervous tango dancer pouring his soul into just one chance to dance with a woman that he admires. The situations and the intensity of the characters’ feelings and conflicts comes through in ways that make your stomach stir. You’ll sit on the edge of your seat for our dancer, you’ll hold your breath in hope for our clockwork girl, and you’ll shed tears for our butterfly.


I want to say more, I really do, but these are short stories. If I keep going, I’ll give away all the great parts. This is a quick read, about 140 pages. Once you open this one up, Villaverde makes sure that you’re right there. All the passion, all the conflict, all the personal growth, all the feels.


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