New Orleans is a beautiful city. I must say, it’s one of my favorites over all the years I’ve spent traveling in a van performing at bars and coffee shops. There’s art, food, culture, mysticism, and the booze flows hard on those streets.


I’d contemplate moving to that city, but I can’t stand that sweltering heat. I can’t do it, man. I float between the North and South end of the West coast throughout the year just to avoid those days that climb over ninety degrees. I’d spend more time there, but I just can’t handle that kind of temperature.


Hot, sweaty, and full of passion, Dirty Rotten Snake in the Grass brings the heat of New Orleans living with their record “Danger Gravy.” This disc opens up with an upright bass solo, perfect for any smoky bar, and charred vocals declaring weariness and a need to rest. “This old town can really eat your soul” our singer assures us. The violin and banjo on this opening song, called “Rabbit in a Log”, heighten our awareness. It’s as if the voodoo spirits are near, and they’re beckoning us in.


There are also some good lazy tunes on here, too. Perfect for the movement we all make on insanely hot days. Slow, half-awake, and sticky.


“Ghost Waltz” is my favorite track on this release. The saw-fiddle is so soothing. Normally, I’d hear that instrument and hate it. But the way that these guys put it out is something that makes me close my eyes and sway my head back and forth. All of these songs boast the amazing culture in New Orleans, but this one is the pinnacle. To me, it encapsulates how I’ve felt about so many of my experiences down there. A hot blur of haunted mischief.


If you haven’t been to New Orleans yet, hurry the hell up and get down there. Once you’re in town, make sure that you see Dirty Rotten Snake in the Grass perform live. If you can take the heat, these guys will make you move there with their tunes.



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