"Zombie Tweekers" is a term that I've heard before. I'll bet that you have, too. People call methamphetamine addicts all kinds of names.


"Fiend" by Peter Stenson is the story of a man named Chase that comes down from a several-day meth bender to discover that he is awake in the zombie apocalypse. Upon realizing that he's walking through the end of humanity, he learns that meth is the only known solution that keeps people from turning into zombies. Much like a pre-apocalyptic tweeker, Chase and his band of meth-addict friends continue their lifestyle of searching/stealing/doing whatever it takes to get more crystal.


The adventure is twisted, disturbing, and written in a format that make you feel like you're using speed. There are no quotations, dialogue is slurred together with narration and action. The pages move at a mile-a-minute, much like sitting and trying to talk with someone while they're on drugs.


A few reviews that I read called this book: "Breaking Bad meets The Walking Dead". Like all post-apocalyptic tales, the biggest threat to humanity is not the plague/invaders/zombies. The worst enemy to anyone is the person to their immediate right. The surviving methamphetamine addicts are unpredictable, paranoid, and just downright brutal to each other in some of the scenes.


If you want a good spin on a zombie story, this one's decent. It's a quick read, more about the personalities and dialogue. I'd recommend this one not for people that want blood, guts, and gore. It's more for the crowd that wants to know about the desperation and depravity that exists at the end of the world.


I did a fan art piece about the book, watch it here!


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