The Everymen are well known for their crazy show. I’ve seen a performance of theirs before, and it included boogie-board bodysurfing, pool noodle-powered mosh pits, and a person being tossed around in a cardboard box. Needless to say, it was a damn good time.


“Generations” has the perfect energy for their performance. Acoustic instruments give us an impression that we’re in for a relaxing ride, but they’re moving at the speed of punk bands and the crew vocals could echo in the smokiest brick-walled clubs.


I loved this one because of how troubled the lyrics are. Their singer Bobo’s vocals have a scratched quality to them, and with the content it makes the listening experience one where you feel like a weary man is screaming his story in the middle of a riot.


For me, a message of despair and perseverance seems to be the underlying tone in this release. In particular, “Shadows of the Past” cuts deep with the line: “This intense desperation gave me a key to start again. So broken, I’m a fraction of a man.” The song continues, but it doesn’t give us a happy message about following our dreams. It almost feels cautionary, as if the decision to follow your heart can lead you to despair. I mean, I think that most of us know that’s very true, but not many people have the spine to scream that out. There is no sugar coating, and I respect that.


“Animals of Habit” is my other favorite track on this ditty. It is an intense discussion on how we fall into mechanical patterns of living, and blow off the thought of social consequences for our actions as a community. “Support without questions, deny without answers. Is this our nature?” we’re asked in the chorus. I stopped doing whatever I was getting into when I heard that, and felt pretty bad about my generational apathy in politics and community involvement. Shit.


If you wuss out and don’t pick up this record, your loss. You don’t want to explore the darkness while you’re being entertained? Again, your loss. Don’t lose out on a chance to see the Everymen live, though. Their presence, energy and crazy crowd involvement will make your night. Hell, it’ll make your week. Or your month.


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