I love the term "folk-punk". You know why? It's one of those genres that is open to so many different forms of music and various instruments that it puts the audience in a place where they're never really going to know what they're going to get. Wikipedia articles and various commentators can try their best to put labels and rules on this genre, but I would consider folk-punk something that ranges anywhere from solo/acoustic acts to full electric groups using almost any instrument at all to convey whatever their message is.


Greg Rekus, from Winnipeg CA, does a perfect job of keeping the audience guessing as he plays an acoustic guitar and stomps/jumps/dances all around a wooden box that he's built and taped tambourines to. His set not only involves the charged bits that he does on-stage, but a high amount of audience participation with clapping and foot stomping. He spends a lot of time out among the dance floor while he plays too. In other words, I seriously encourage you to see one of his performances if you get a chance.


His record, "The Dude Abides", falls into what I would call "catchy revolutionary music". A lot of songs about corporate greed, retail consciousness and the struggle of wage slavery. He keeps it diverse though, with other numbers that discuss more emotional topics like loss and despair. It's most definitely something that fits well into the broad category of "folk punk". 


Highly recommended listen, even higher recommendation to see this guy live! Hoping to play with him again soon.




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