The drawing a day project is coming along well! I'd like to start making some more blogs about my process, so I'll kick it off with the illustration reel vid from the ditties that I did in February.


This month I did some heavy studies in stippling. Also called pointillism, it's a technique that has the creator add value to a piece by using little dots. At first it was tedious, but now it's therapeutic. I get to create strange little patterns inside of the characters by ever-so-gently jack-hammering a micron pen to the paper. I don't see myself doing entire pieces with the stippling technique, but I love how it can bring some contrast into the bold outlines that I like to place in my drawings.


I did two commissions pieces this month. One has made it to her happy home, the other is getting prepped to brave the postal system and head to her new spot. The commissions have opened up some other opportunities. I can't announce them yet, I will let everyone know when I'm allowed to say what's going on. It's going to be so rad, gang!


Work on the next installment of the Maggots in the Moonlight series starts this month! Get mega-stoked!


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