Where in you does the darkness live? In your heart? In your mind? How about in your groin? What is the most atrocious thought you have ever had? Who does it involve? What does it involve? Is it even something that could be accomplished in this world?


Journey in to the land of Necroterra, where all of the most horrifically awful things can, and do happen. Bouncing between different characters struggling to maintain their existence in this reality, Ivan Drugostrov’s world is a mind-bending experience to travel through. This two book series takes you to a place where spirits, monsters and humans can interact. To them, Earth is some sort of secret that is best kept whispered. The Necroterran way-of-life is a brutal existence, one where the residents face a constant threat of danger and resort to murder, rape and psychological torment in order to survive.


It’s difficult to discuss this series because so much happens in it. There are some segments that tell isolated chilling tales, but many of the characters’ plagues of being are broken into several short stories; all of which deliver a strong reaction from your mind. In particular after reading “Indignity”, a poetic perspective of a submissive sex-slave, I was trapped for several days trying to argue with the character that justified his desires by an emotional beat-down turned inward:


This pleasure, this pain you give me…it helps me forget myself. It helps me swallow my self-hatred. Don’t stop! Destroy me! Destroy me! I am nothing. Do as you wish with me, just don’t leave me. I need your revulsion. I need you to cheapen me. I don’t want to be able to look at myself anymore, not without vomiting.


So, I’ll ask you again: what is the worst thought you have ever had? What and whom did it involve? If you’ve ever thought or acted on some dark desire, you might not be alone…it’s commonplace in the Necroterran universe. These stories are beautifully written, and I’ve been informed that there are two more books planned in the series. This is a read that you won’t ever forget.


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