St Christopher Webster, a long-time pal and man that's made himself known throughout the US underground rock and roll community, has released his first book. "Letters from the Relentless Pursuit" is a razor-tongued dissertation of the western way of life. Normally, I'd pick up a book like this and toss it after about ten pages. Not this one though. Not only is it delivered in such brutal honesty, but for every statement that Chris makes tearing down a cultural norm, he points the same acidic finger at himself. Most of the folks that write this way are trying to do so in a voice of, "Oh...but I don't do that." Not Chris. He's not above any of the things that he bashes. He remains human throughout his writing.


My favorite segment is where Chris discusses his sobriety. Like I said, that scrutiny towards culture goes directly back to himself:


"What the fukk does that stupid GODDAMN word even mean? No booze? No dope? No booze AND no dope?


Does it mean none of the other BULLSHIT vices that our lovely Western Culture pushes on us? Earthly temptations, such as but not limited to; Fast food, PORN, high-fructose corn syrup, INTERNET, religion, INTERNET PORN, internet RELIGION, PRO SPORTS, radio, Netflix, ANTIDEPRESSANTS, buffets, ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS, Hulu...What GARBAGE that we are in a constant deluge of this 21st Century life is SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE and what will get us arrested and ostracized?


I sit here at age 34 just outside of St Louis, MO working on 100 days of being "sober" and by that I mean NO BOOZE and NO DRUGS...While I'm sitting here sucking my own COCK about how great I am for abstaining from the evils of whiskey, I sip down a steaming cup of caffeine enriched GMO beans. This tasty beverage was made from sewage water treated with GOD KNOWS WHAT chemicals and then filtered through a dirty machine...I make sure to top it all off with a hearty amount of aspartame to sweeten the deal.


I sit here pecking away on my (borrowed) Mac that was built by our LORD AND SAVIOR Steve Jobs. I flip between TABS to check my Facebook, an institution built by our Messiah Mark Zuckarburg. I reaffirm my own beliefs with a dose of MSNBC, fill my ears with music EDITED by Spotify, check my GOVERNMENT MONITORED text messages on my Droid, and breath in all the sweet pollution produced by the Budweiser plant and all the other STL industries."


The language in here is coarse (keep in mind that this is your pal Ando warning you about naught talk...that should say something), the politics are not politically correct, and the writing/structure/format is not traditional.


You don't have to agree with anything that he's saying. Chris makes that well-known from the first page. But if you've seen a St. Christopher performance and you've felt the same awe-inspiring energy that I have from his show, then this is your chance to see where it all comes from. Again, no one will agree with everything that they see in the pages of this piece, but I'll be damned if you try to tell me that this isn't a good read.


I did a drawing based off of the chapter "Sober". Check it out in the video here!


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