Haldol Fairytale

Patina and patina and patina and patina of stench

I can hear them creeping all the shit they whisper underneath their breath

Complacent, I’m complacent, I’m complacent

Pillow talk it’s pillow talk and I can hear it coming from the sheets

They can go on all they want and vilify but I know talk is cheap

Brush it off, I’ll brush it off, I’ll brush it off

Until the wisp of smoke it comes in here and I will suffocate in sleep

I’ve seen the kidneys grind against the flesh

I’ve swept the urine that was stained a bloody red

Once you hear the sound, a humming gurgled drone

That’s when you know you can never go home

I swear until you see the moon in the trees

The world turns the clouds into a blood red sea

Mirrors of stars they reflect pure deceit

Haldol Blankets bring security

Grinding organ grinding and it calls a foul tone inside of me

When I close my eyes it liberates all the perversion in the sea

Louder, it gets louder it gets fucking louder

Until the wisp of smoke it comes in here and I will chase it up a tree

Eyeballs bleed faster than you think

Calves can run fluid quicker than the kitchen sink

You may think your stomach can take a couple rounds

But a welder’s grip is tissue when the heart still pounds

When you hold a four year old and his lungs can’t pass the breath

The colon burns right through the skin and fluid fills the head

If the bones are brittle thin then you will hear them crack

The heart pump and you’ll find your gore but he’ll never come back

Haldol blankets, cover me.



As a pendulum swings over my chest

It cut through me with the acid breath

And it must have been the liquor that strikes this head

It’s all your fault to what I’ve said

Now you’ll pay for my anger, you’ll pay for my shame

You’ll pay every time you hear my name

Speak uneasy, I watch you

Under that acid moonshine hue

Never be alone as I break that stand

Reduced to pieces as a spitting can

It’s your fault I’m the way that I am

I’ll hunt you down until your last breath



Eight years spent in the neon lights, six years traveled by the cover of night

You all laughed and I snapped my back

Now my post card says: “Suck my ass.”

I spit when I remember trials to undo decades of self-denial

I’m reborn, I’ll live full, so mock me from your cubicle

Laugh all you want until the day I die

I’m gonna fail, but at least I tried

Raises and vacations, they won’t last

So you remember that when you kiss your boss’ ass.

Let that Summer sun eat me alive, and let the mountain air bleed me dry

From the Appalachians to the Snoqualmie pass

The wind whispers to suck my ass

Here stands a man with nothing left

How petty are the standards that measured that

Raises and vacations, they’ll never last

 So you remember that when you suck your boss’ ass.

Laugh all you want, you bullshit sloth.

I’ve found purpose. You found a job.


Don’t Touch Me

You reek of booze and agony, my sweat rings cries of apathy

I hate you so bad that I can’t see

Rot in hell, don’t touch me

The snakes are stuck here playing nice

Their skin is leather and their hearts are ice

I’ll stick that gun right in my mouth

Fuck yourself, don’t touch me

The scum emerges violently

Sprung from pits of calamity

The cesspool bleeds horrendous fumes

Fuck you, don’t touch me

I swim in a river of misanthropy

Fuck you, don’t touch me



Foolishness will lead to trivial friends

Trust the devils that strangle for the means to an end

This traitor kept a blade close to his face

To betray his pray in a warm embrace

Irrationality leads to things like love

Trust the devils that just want to get fucked

This traitor kept a blade close to his breast

To betray his pray when he got his sex

Goddamned stupidity leads to things like friends

Trust the devils that strangle for a means to an end

This traitor kept a blade close to his foot

To betray his pray when they fell in the soot

Green won’t bloom from a withered willow tree

Twist these roots in a land of enemies


Musician Boyfriend

I’m your musician boyfriend, I’m on the couch all day

I will sit and talk about how the bills will get paid

When my album goes platinum, that one I never wrote

What’s for dinner baby? Buy me a pack of smokes

What the hell’s an instrument? This I do not know

I will just take samples from the radio

But I have this guitar that I don’t know how to play

Just make sure my hair looks good, sit on the couch all day

I’m down on my luck so I will drink all of your booze

I’ll make you fall in love with me and pretend to sing the blues

When you wake in the morning you’ll find all of my crap

I moved in while you slept so please help me with debt

While you were at work today I sold some of your things

I needed them for guitar strings and by that I mean video games

I sit in my pajamas and watch porn while you slave

I’m your musician boyfriend and I’ll drain your life away


Desert Angel

The nights are getting shorter and the days are growing long

The light has scorched the landscape and the living dead just trudge around

Rise and join the union, but what’s the awful point?

I will sit and watch the angels burn.

Work my back until it breaks and fingers to the core

I could give them everything but all they’d ever want is more

Jump into the fields, but what’s the awful point?

I will watch the angels burn.

I don’t think she loves me, and I don’t love her

I only think we feel when we’re made to suffer

Take your heart and set it free, but what’s the awful point?

I will sit and watch the angels burn.



I know the drink it will kill me someday, if it doesn’t this woman sure will

Deep in the pit of a cold black heart I fear wrath of these vengeful girls

The bottle I’ve hidden in the squalor I sleep is far too shallow to ever be safe

If we hold courage we may give a look at the virtues that we will forsake

How I would cherish the touch of a girl and these twisted definitions of love

Acid rain falls on the cloak that I wear and we’ll see all my skulls in the mud

When the wind picks up the smog fills the air, they said we’d be cleansed by the mile

Now we are stuck here, we’ll never belong, we are hidden beneath all the isles

The tale I’ll tell is a tale of hell but the desert stilts ripped out my tongue

That which I’ve bled cannot be condensed in these barren burning oil drums

Each new regret is a new grain of sand that can never be washed from my tin

Scrub and repent my hands to the bone knocked away in katabatic winds

All of these scars are minerals and ore that leaches my brittle body thin

With its hand out the temperature climbs and it percolates me to a drip

From time to time it all pours out in this drainage that I can’t forget

These sandy soils can’t be irrigated in fields where crops will not sit

The spark brings a fire, the dead grass will burn, xeric shrubs grow here no more

Don’t try to rebuild in this arid land, the capillaries have left the shore

The ground water’s dry, and the bedrock shoots waste, soil pores bleed only black

All of the flames will only reveal a vacuous shell of a man


Feast of the Fickle Thieves

In plain sight is how they work, they scoop you up and they speak so fast

If the words fly through the air, they trivialize get in your head

Don’t you think just for a bit you’ll have a chance to change it back

It has come now to their grasp and they will ring your little neck

How endearing as they go and sink their teeth your heart is on a table set for thieves

All your creativity is cut at the belly and thrown in the pot

Watch them all pontificate they’ll salt your innards so you do not rot

They will pickle all your thoughts and harvest you for future plots

The voice inside that keeps you calm is muted by the deafening clots

How endearing as they go and sink their teeth your heart is on a table set for thieves

You can run in circles they will humor you for fun but they will only throw you down the rings

If there’s passion in your eyes then they will just eat you alive

Don’t you even try to cry they drink with that it is their wine

You’re decorated soaked in brine they applaud each other for their crimes

With your ears torn off your head they’ll spit all over your broken neck

How endearing as they go and sink their teeth your heart is on a table set for thieves

All the world they’ll promise this and that and these and those but they are nothing but the wolves as sheep

They are nothing but the wolves that dressed in dead sheep’s clothes


I Love You

I hope you die and die alone, I hope you die and die alone

Rot away with nowhere to call home

I hope you die and die alone, I hope you die and die alone

Choke on all those rotten weeds that you’ve sewn

The road that you chose it leads to a broken nose

How I pray that the bleeding never stops

And your guts can spill out too on a table set for you

Then the rats can come bite off your cock

Some day you’ll eat the shit that you took on others’ heads

Emesis from your work here so foul

Chew the sputum that you’ve earned from the bridges that you’ve burned

And your tits will be pecked off by owls



With chips on their shoulders they justify the means

Open palmed and shoulders shrugged lethargic apathy

This evil lives in all of us, we take and sneak and steal and cheat

To fill our empty cups with a crooked poisoned drink

Existence as a cancer, existence as a plague

The world will be better when we finally hit the grave

Shadows in the darkness, shadows turn to screams

Everyone’s exploited or so everybody thinks

Let all the years keep running, I’ll never find a home

Sorrow turns to anger and rage will make you cold

In this rage they tell us that you’ll never feel full

But how I love my emptiness for it will make me whole

Everyone’s a victim, that’s why they act as if

Everybody owes them and we believe in this

How they grow like tumors, they’ll come to you with needs

When they gain your trust, their burdens they will leave

I put on my boots for nothing.


Rust Belt Scream

Bathe with the spiders in a cold drunk sleep

We can all freeze over under humid feet

The boom came and went and now we’ll all sail down to

Hell is not a place where the fallen bleed, it can sit among where the living breathe

As every single bird falls from the tree I can hear trains along the tracks when they crush the leaves, pressure building up and it capsules me

If you listen closely your ears will be pierced by a rust belt scream

Cold won’t stop biting every star has died thickened and smothered in aluminum nights

Board up all the havens and dig that trench straight down to hell

Strip away the scraps and chew all the bones when you break your teeth in a decroded tome, every bitter struggle may mean you well

 they’ll just take you closer to hell



(Secret track. Instrumental)


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