Ando Ehlers: Death Polka Spear!

1. Damsel

Herein sit and witness this putrid display

We are told to believe in this humanity

We pillage, filthy vulgar beings lost in the fray

And that's the lesson you shall learn, when you're lead astray


So wherever I go, a bitter cloud will always follow me

And damn the womb that made us proud, we wallow in that agony


Have a seat and we shall treat with tricks up our sleeves

Motives are self absorbed, built to break and leak

You shake your hand, look in the eye, razors you see

Now that's the moment the truth gets to breathe


The evil here's not hidden down, it's risen from the dirt

And when you're safe, keep an ear to the ground

The evils are unearthed


2. Sacred Death Harp

I lost my soul running through a promised man's lane

A philosopher's stone is made of fool's gold

I fell alone


3. Shut Up! Polka!

You dropped out of English and learned to type with keys, your sense of grammar is a mockery

People all come running for infantile screams, it's easy to identify with these heinous things


So here comes something that you'll hate, as if you mattered anyway

Write that review, print in bold about something you don't know

Shut up! Polka!


Found it at a rummage, now you know the keys. You sold it for a quarter and pressed crappy CD's.

People all come running for infantile screams, it's easy to identify with these heinous things


Are you out of your mind? Is what they'll say to me. Can't we all come settle for this monotony?

People all come running for infantile screams, it's easy to identify with these heinous things.


4. Bastard's Lullaby

How I wish I had the strength tonight to finish this bottle and sleep, but all these years have bottled too much that I don't want let out of me

Darling, here, lay upon the floor. Ignore that pounding at the door, we'll keep burning those cigarettes until we can't feel anymore

Here comes my bastard's lullaby, I'll kiss your tears to sleep. Let's laugh at my adorable lies, it'll all be better in the morning.

Eyes on my wandering nights, ponder where we'll be. These schedules and plans brew a failure of a man, and you'll look forward to my defeat.


5. Crap!

Put on a smile, it's paper and thin. Reject reality's needs. Drink a glass and sing a song to drown out the agony screams.

Take a step, but you're weighed down by truth and misery. Hold your breath and humor yourself how it was supposed to be.

When I pass, please burn the raft that my body floats upon. Don't watch me go, just move along as a river of shame moves on.

It's not the worst to feel alone, but isolation's here. I've this one favor, and then I'll be gone. Just erase me from history.


6. The Comedy of Honesty

Disappointment! It works every time, it's clever as the devil when you fall out of line.

Shaved and barren, you'll burn at the stake, swollen prospects and chance you're gonna take.


Stopped in your tracks! They curse you dead, just when you thought you'd get ahead.

Trapped underground, you've little to breathe, shreds of hope will plague you with disease.


Do your best, and break your back, but I promise you you'll always end up back here on your ass.

No found honor through your plight, and you'll be forgotten before the cruel morning light.


Hear these voices? They're mocking you. Scrutiny's gonna motivate through.

Trapped in confines, you're living in your mind. Determination is only suicide.


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