Ando and the Jolly Barrels: Who Cares?


1. Hollow Eyes

Come with us, your place is here

You'll be gone before next year

Lies, how they've made your name

You lie in hell, from where you came


I can see these liars through their eyes

I can see you bastards in your hollow eyes


Your work, it means nothing here

You'll be doomed another year

Lies, how they've made your name

You lie in hell, from where you came


You'll be trapped, you'll be stuck in here

You'll pay us another year

Lies, how they've made your name

You lie in hell, from where you came


2. 2012

Pending doom, apocalypse, you run to hills and grass

But you can't make it quick enough with that stick stuck up your ass

2012's a coming, and everybody's screwed

Quetzalcoatl's coming in the heart of the night

Degenerates like us are doomed before the light

European prophets, and Mayans all alike

Armageddon visions from Venus to our eyes

Pandemic, terrorism, world war III,

Aliens, anarchy, rise of the machines

Polarities shift, volcanoes erupt

Global warming, ice age, we're all fucked.

I'll be slamming booze, like I'm in a cabaret

When the clock strike midnight, I'll be dead anyway

2012's a coming, and everybody's screwed

A new pope is risen, by glory olive leaves

Vatican's de-sanctified, and we become bereaved

Malachi's visions of damnation and dissent

Down the chain of blasphemy to the earth's final breath

Lust, gluttony, sloth and wrath,

Greed, envy, pride

Repent, and save before the nephilim chew your hide

A seven headed dragon is risen from the ground

Rains of ash caked upon a bloody water well

Pestilence has struck, incubi and succubi

Demon spawn run rampant, and feast the end of life


3. Take Away the Sting

Well, I woke up this morning and I couldn't find my clothes

Dirt caked on my face, and dried blood on my nose

Who the fuck is that in my bed? I don't know

Better start drinking this morning

It all started out, company set about on a quest to find white russians

Best drinks all are in a dumpster by the bar

I'm shitting broken glass, this morning


A song for me I'll sing, helps me take away the sting


Anesthetic waves, shriveling my lower brain



Cut on my side, bleeding faster than hell

Where did this one come from? Only God can tell

Some girl I don't know's pregnant, and she's telling me it's mine

Didn't think I'd get it up, it's drinking time


4. CDoaNB

The lights keep flashing, I don't know of sanctity I'll meet

The steeple's stained glass lies on this dark and murky street

Make amends with no one as I trudge into my death

Run into the night with rabid, angered breath


Hah! It could happen to you!


Stare daggers into all, innocents and passerby

Burning through your retinas, I hope you fuckers die

Manically devouring the garbage of you all

Fuck you then, the filter's off, and I break through the fucking walls


The night grows old, a bitter sun is rising through the trees

Fuck you, lamp, I know I hear you blinking, mocking me

Throw garbage, I'll throw food at you, you blink out of my sight

I've only just begun as I collapse upon myself, tonight


5. Day Job

Forty hours in, and we're pushing overtime

Making for a bonus, with a light in the boss-man's eye

I heard nine to five just became a nine to nine

Let empty-hearted paychecks count the days until I die

Twenty years in and I've saved enough to die

Maybe I'll get a raise that I'll never leave behind

With my child grown and gone, all I was is just some guy

Working for the man is just my early way to die

Let's all punch the clock, and let's all live a lie

The next thing to look forward to is the day we die

Oh, shallow early grave, you're all I'll ever need

My shallow early grave is all I'll ever really need


6. Tick, Tock, Avarice

I once knew a man who couldn't play the game

An ancient one of principles as the times drove him away


Tick, tock, avarice


Each passing day brought another link of shame

Surrounded by the practice that ends a good one's name

So he bit down his teeth, bit his tongue and took the blame

Promises were bullshit, all they did was change


The clocks kept on spinning through a breaking mind

A world promised of honor was turned to golden lies

Broken by damnation his eyes set to the sky

Flat affect and wasting, he opened up to cry


He said "People dream of Cadillacs, and others dream of fame

Eventually it ends, and we all just die the same

So, remember these words, as you drive the stake

No one's gonna care, hell, and nothing's gonna change."


Welcome to the place where the souls dry out, where the alcohol rots inside your mouth

A big pretty building built on misery, foundations laid for tragic stories

A young man walked in with his state unaware, glitter in his eyes and a shine in his hair

He sat at the corner and stared at the glass, sipping from the drink that was his last

Souls get trapped in their agony, so easy to pass before the spirit's freed

Locked forever in the crimson walls, with descent to madness comes a great downfall.


7. Rasputin

Centuries of teaching I shall go against, outspoken toward the marionettes

Meddling leaders, let this prophet spit

We preach that doctrine, salvation through sin

Stabbed in the gut, shot in the back, poisoned for five and I still fought back

Thrown in the river, but I didn't drown

A curse on the nobles if I'm thrown out


Try, try, try, but I won't die


Frozen and buried, for over a month, set to flames and I still got up.


8. Piss and Candlewax

This place smells like piss and candlewax

Abandon all hope if you came with a plan

It wasn't always this way, lie naive and tell me it's getting better someday


This place smells like broken dreams

Carried off by evil things

Liar and thieves made waste of the innocent


This place smells like shit


This place smells like evil, and it's choking me

It wasn't always this way, lie naive and tell me it's getting better someday

It wasn't always this way, lie naive and run away, it's getting better someday


9. Demented

There's a girl who haunts my mind, I feel her gripping down my spine

It won't be long until this is through, she'll take me off in her rouge


Down I go, watch me go

I'll pass away without a soul

Let glory fall upon our obsessing days

And pray our sorrows will melt away


Hazel eyes, those golden locks will steer me into a pine box

It won't be long until this is through, she'll take me off in her rouge


In every waking hour, obsessing every day, I promise I'll be quiet when I melt away

Let's all pray to gods of emptiness, they'll give us a false sense of happiness


10. Who Cares?

All these blood thinners, and how can we survive all these winters?

Descend upon our personalities

We can all pray for, so let's pretend we got what we came for

Now death to all our rationalities


Hey son, take that money and run


Pills and confusion, with all of these beautiful delusions

Abrasively we'll murder all that pain

And we're destined for nothing, so let's fit suit with all of the gluttons

Wrap the noose, and hang those broken dreams


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