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So I'm going to start making this a monthly update (alongside other stuff that I feel like ranting and raving about in my blog). Since I spend so much time in my van driving around between shows and work and all of that other stuff I may as well share the music that I play in heavy rotation while I do so. Hope you like it as much as I do!


Top 3 Listens for the Month of March 2013:


3. Whiskey Avengers - "Wet and Wreckless"

This 2009 release by the Whiskey Avengers frequently finds itself hitting my player due to its wide-range of styles used throughout the album. Some of the songs are straight up reggae/ska, while others are lonely drinking songs. The one consistent theme throughout the record is the insanely negative songwriting. There's a lot going on instrumentally in this one, but if you sit back and pay attention to the content of the songs you'll be quite surprised at how sad some of the lyrics are! Good music to drink and hang out to, great music to play while you drive down an abandoned highway at 3:00 AM!


Worth every penny!




2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - "People who can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World"

If there ever was an album that I would consider a must have for any genre, I would call Andrew Jackson Jihad's "People who can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World" that record for folk-punk. This album sucks you in from the first five seconds that it starts. High-paced portraits of folk music played entirely too fast on acoustic instruments, raw vocals, some slow numbers...it has everything if you like this genre! To me, this record is one of those numbers that I've listened to and realized that the disc itself has been going in loop for a few hours without me noticing due to the fact that I'm just driving around and singing along constantly as it goes.


Time well spent listening to this one!




1. Finntroll - "Visor Um Stotlet"

Have you ever driven through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and cranked metal music the whole way? I have, and it can only be described as a spiritual cleansing. This is most definitely not Finntroll's most brutal release, but it still stands as one of my favorites among their discography because of how it can shift between metal music and what feels like nothing other than straight up folk. I've loved this one for years, and like most of the Finntroll collection it really never gets old. This won't be the last time that I rant and rave about how much I like this disc!


Get into this music and go get lost in the desert and/or fields!




More music love next month! -Ando.


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