3. Misery Jackals: No Place for Children


The Misery Jackals' second release, "No Place for Children", is a hilariously sarcastic and vulgar collection of tunes that touches on such wholesome topics ranging from junkies performing fellatio for bags to people stripping down and going to town with their post-mortem partners. If you aren't laughing and singing along throughout this entire record, you'll be listening to the well-written banjo/guitar/upright bass and accordion parts. Belongs in every collection!

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2. Those Poor Bastards: Behold the Abyss


I know that I've already posted an entry about this record, but I can't stress how interesting it really is. Wyatt and the Minister have a knack for telling horrid stories. This release goes everywhere with stripped down guitar/vocal numbers like "Phantom Pool" to distorted breakdowns and other musical mischief in "A Robe of Scarlet Thread". This record is another example of how Those Poor Bastards are open to using anything from banjos to digital effects to craft their music. Real country music man. Get into it.

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1. Viva Le Vox: Dirt for Sale


I have been blown away by the music that Viva Le Vox publishes since day one. "Dirt For Sale" really took me by surprise at the first listen. I was expecting heavy distortion and fuzzy feedback, but the first song "Cardiovascular and Otherwise" starts out with an acoustic guitar, standup bass and stripped down drum kit. It sets the tone for the whole record. This trio of instruments with the gritty vocal cords of singer Tony Bones makes for quite the listen. I have found myself listening to this record at least once per week, with my favorite tunes being "Cardiovascular and Otherwise" and "Hope Tank". I wish that I could compare the record to something else, but I can't really put my finger on anything else that it sounds like. Check them out!

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