Very rarely does a rock and roll album come out that forces me to cream my jeans in such a way that St. Christopher's latest release "Last Chance at Freedom" has.


Per mythology, St. Christopher is known as the patron saint of safe travels, fabled as a 7.5 foot tall man who guided others across a river to prevent them from drowning in their attempt to ford the current. This is honestly pretty accurate. St. Christopher the musician is a fairly tall guy. If you have ever met him in person then you'd surely agree with me that the way he helps other people on the road and in life is much like a saint, without any thought of return or reward.


The level of intensity of one of Chris' live shows is hard to describe. The performance consists of Chris, his guitar and a stompbox that he pounds into oblivion while telling tales of drug use, isolation, violence and despair. At parts of his songs he sounds like a rabid dog that's howling with whatever bit of life remains in its bleeding lungs. His sound fills the room, and it gives you a good chill.


The opening track on this album, "The Path That We Take", has so much content in it that I think I had an aneurysm the first time I listened. I needed to go back to that one a few times to take in all of the storytelling and stimuli that comes in that number. The rest of the record is just as rich in content. Certain Rock and Roll fans beware; there is no glam here. There are no fancy haircuts or stories of cute girls that want to make out backstage while tour managers serve you candy bars and champagne. Most of these songs include subject matter that is mildly disturbing and make you want to call your friends and family to tell them that you love them.


This record is so damn intense! You just have to hear it! One of my favorite releases of the year so far. Hands down.


Want to know what's even crazier? July 25th is recognized as "St. Christopher's Day." Guess what else is happening that day this year?


Go to Sxratch Native and pick this up. You'll be very happy that you did.


Visit St. Christopher's website here.


Oh, by the way...have you ever seen a guy walk away from a microphone in front of a full drum kit with a speaker that's feeding back and manage to scream "Fuck all of you!" To the entire crowd at a volume that you can hear over everything else? Check out that video below, now you have. Don't miss a St. Christopher show!



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