Well, friends and neighbors, it’s been another year.  I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. This was the best year for Death Polka yet! It had 100-some shows, five or six music festivals, and tons of mischief that has helped me fill my first 500 page journal on the road!


Your guys’ support of my new record, All Aboard the Garbage Barge!, was hands down the greatest amount of good vibes I’ve ever gotten on a release. Not only that, but your e-mails and super-rad discussions on the preview of “Maggots in the Moonlight” has made me so excited to put that one out (currently shooting for a release in the Summer of this year!) I know that I had said it would be coming out this month, but life happens. I’ll have a release date set out sometime early next year!


You guys make my life. You guys make all the fun happen when I play these shows, you make all the stories that I write in my journals to look back at and laugh or cry about, you guys make me get up every day!


This coming year has some good shenanigans lined up. That includes more tours, the release of the book, and a few other projects that I'll announce as they happen! Stay tuned! I'll update stuff here on the webpage, and I'll keep sending out emails every month.


Thank you so much for all you’ve done this year for Death Polka, I can’t wait to see everyone again in 2015. Hope everyone had delightful holidays and a safe new year. Greetings from the west coast!


Ending this one with my favorite video from this year's shows. At the gnarly Kraken Bar in my beloved Seattle WA!



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