Poetry, yeah? It's great, but only in the right doses. After awhile, it can get a robotic rhythm to it. Poetic writing, with detailed descriptions? Also great. Also risky business when administered in heavy amounts. Short, sweet, and beautiful. That's the best when your eyes and mind are digesting the poetic pieces.


"The Grief of Ghosts" by an author named "Jes" brings all of the beauty in the best-sized servings. This book jumps from a poem, to a poetic memoir, to a poetic letter/journal-style piece. It flows smooth, and it blankets your mind.


My favorite segment told of a young woman being emotionally and physically broken by "The Still Man." This predator was written in a way that made the energy change in my mind. He was a being that sucked the life from everything in his path. Ugh. I resent this imaginary piece of crap. I despise someone that doesn't exist! That's good writing.


This unique release is available through Botanica Rooted. I don't have any other books that I've read to compare it to, so let me try it like this: think of a poetic Pulp Fiction, where the writing has multiple stories told in micro-scenes. I'm not even sure if the characters are supposed to be related in this piece, but I do know that there were beautiful stories that were short and sweet enough to leave the reader with plenty to adore. I hope Jes makes more of this stuff!


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