When you hear about Coeur d’Alene Idaho, you’re told about mountains and skiing. A city that’s come up over the last few years from it’s growing appeal to tourists, with visitors reporting that they’ve scoped out celebrity homes along the lake. There’s an adorable downtown there, with shops and restaurants and local culture. Everything you’d need for a weekend getaway, right? Maybe even a Summer getaway, or a few months in the Winter to settle into a cabin and roast some logs while you work on that novel.


Mountains always have dark stories, though. The bodies of rock are huge, and they can take without any mercy. Perhaps the most beautiful and cruel part of nature, mountains draw so many of us into a place that can make us feel on top of the world while simultaneously reminding us of how mortal we really are.


Hailing from Coeur d’Alene, the Hallow’d Ground has captured the darkness that lives in the mountain tops. Three kids playing accordion, bass, and drums, have put together an act and record that sounds like a serial killer’s manifesto as he or she eats poison flora and shouts to the city below.


Their self-titled release is an explosion of desperation. The opening track, “Shouts from the Mountains” comes in hard and fast with accordion and bells. Yes, bells. They ring loud for segments lasting less than thirty seconds, alerting you to the presence of this deranged lyrical content. The album races through, slowing down intermittently for more of the band’s thesis of insanity. “Ashes”, the song in the middle of the record, is some psychotic tune with a bellow-shaking accordion playing while vocalists scream into their microphones. If I heard something like that coming from the mountain, I think I’d drive my van right off the cliff while I pissed myself in fear.


I played with these guys last Summer. We performed in a basement, and the crowd was dancing so hard that the carpet got ripped out of the floor. The PA overheated at one point, and I could hear their singer Avery screaming over all of the instruments with a full drum kit. The haunting spirit of the mountain was being channeled by three eighteen year olds without a PA. That’s a show that you can never forget.


Unfortunately, I have some really bad news: The Hallow’d Ground broke up. I’ve attached a link to their bandcamp page below, and I’m sure that all three of the guys are in other projects now. Momentum like that cannot be stopped, even if a mountain stands in the way.


Dude. If you didn’t get a chance to see The Hallow’d Ground in one of their basement shows or on their tour, I am so sorry. If they announce a reunion show at some point, I’ll be buying plane tickets to see it. You should too!


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