Enter Basu, a seven hundred pound ninja in the city of Neo-Tokyo. In a world where ninja clans battle to the death in the interest of corporate securities, our protagonist is sent on a high-stakes mission to secure a safe that his leaders desire. This is no ordinary cargo though, this safe is built within a young boy and the only way to access its contents are to kill the child.


Between consuming forty five thousand calories per day, battling with his enemies and doing his best to manage deep interpersonal conflict, Basu is a fascinating character to follow. Carlton Mellick III paints a beautiful portrait of an anime-themed city, where people live in communities based on plastic surgeries that they’ve obtained to resemble certain characters in anime lore.


This book is a quick read, about seventy five pages or so. In these pages there is battle, romance, turmoil, and inspiration. Highly recommended for any anime fan, and of course recommended for any fan of the bizarre.


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