It's really hard to try and figure out how to start talking about something like this.


Over the last year or two at shows, I have been playing a song on my ukulele called "This World Can Suck My Cock". It has received a really positive response from you guys. As a result of that, I naturally wanted to record and release it, but I have a hard time trying to find the words to describe what a positive impact the original author of this song had on my life.


Reed was a well known punk rock front-man a blues singer in the Milwaukee WI music scene for several years. It's really hard to describe his performances with words. Fortunately my buddy Justin from We Must Dismantle All This! wrote a really good write-up about Reed's role in their punk band "The Avoided" that will hopefully give you a bit of a glimpse of how great his shows were.


"...Around this time Reed began hurting his wrists, arms, and shoulders due to both hard carpentry work and drunken fuck ups (e.g. falling off of porches), which at times left him physically unable to play bass. So Bryan stepped in on bass and Reed resigned to just singing. This began what I like to think of as the real start of Avoided. It allowed us to have a much more brutal live show. Reed was now open to do whatever the fuck he wanted. He performed with a kind of passion that mixed dark humor, relentless anger, depraved nudity, and a vindictive release of working class frustration. The entire band began moving like Reed by stepping up to his energetic debauchery. Most knew and remember us because of our live show. Albums never really meant too much because they didn't capture what we were - a bunch of dirty, bloody, drunken fools rolling around on beer-soaked floors, playing old school hardcore with shitty, broken equipment." -Excerpt from Justin's write-up on "The Avoided"


"This World Can Suck My Cock" is one of Reed's blues numbers. I haven't been able to find that one online, but here's a vid of one of his other numbers "Whiskey Sweat".



This a two part documentary that was made after we lost Reed.




Highlonesome also has a published version of one of Reed's blues songs, Honest Man, on their latest album "The Unholy Gospel according to..."


"This World Can Suck My Cock" is available for free download on the download page.


This song was recorded at Luvleggs Studio in Seattle, WA.


Miss you man.


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