Who else doesn't get excited as hell the second they hear that Lonesome Wyatt and the Minister are going to release another vile, grotesque album discussing murder/prostitution/damnation/possessed animals and other delightful topics to discuss on a Sunday drive? Those Poor Bastards' latest record, "Behold the Abyss" is by far one of my favorites to date. Each album throughout their diverse catalog of releases has brought something unique to the table, and what stuck out to me the most in this little ditty other than the usual slew of macabre content is the fact that along with the record there is an accompanying book to read written by Lonesome Wyatt himself.


Don't worry guys, no spoilers ahead.


"The Terrible Tale of Edgar Switchblade" is the first release of Lonesome Wyatt breaching the literary world, and it is an excellent compliment to "Behold the Abyss". The story discusses the plight of a murderous man bearing hooves for feet as he travels the wilderness in the 1800's searching to fulfill his assigned bounty-hunting missions while doing away with "shitbags" (humans) via his trusted switchblade. Each event/killing/encounter in the book ultimately leads to a blood-soaked, gut-wrenching ending that I'm not going to give away! I'll just say it was well worth the read, as I felt myself getting attached to the misanthropic man-beast that drank blood from his canteen and seemed to adore nothing more than riding his horse, killing some shitbags and praying to the Lord. I sincerely hope that there will be more books coming out, hopefully about Edgar but I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

I was privilieged to play on two songs in this record, "Sacrificial Lamb" and "A Robe of Scarlet Thread". You can pick up the record and it's accompanying read at Those Poor Bastards' website. Don't miss it! Great release.



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