On May 29th, 2009, I was privileged to play my first performance of original tunes on my accordion at Zad’s Roadhouse in Milwaukee WI. I was part of a four-piece band at that time. Man, how things have changed over the years. Since that day there have been over 100 Death Polka performances all over the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. I guess I’m starting my first blog with this topic to say that each and every person who has come out to a show, played with me, let me crash on their furniture, fed me treats and booze…each and every one of you is an amazing person that I am honestly privileged to have crossed paths with. It amazes me sometimes how lucky I am to have had the chance to meet so many rad-tastic individuals!


I won’t get too mushy, but the reason I wanted to put out this blog (other than telling you guys that you fucking rule) is to list off all of the awesome bands I’ve gotten to play with in the last three years. If I’ve missed somebody, LET ME KNOW IN A COMMENT OR EMAIL! I want this list to be complete. I want to share all of the gnarly crunchy jams!


26,000 Volts

.357 String Band

The A Gang

Aaron Daniels One Man Banned

Absent Minds

AJ Gaither

Alex and Zach

All the Damn Action!

Animals In Cars

American Radio Police

Against All Odds

The Aristocrats


Bad Catman

The Barons of Tang

Black Swamp Freddy

The Blood Clots

Big Quinn and the Broken Hearted Band


The Brave Adult Club

Burlesque Le’ Moustache

The Calamity Cubes!

Camp Pissy Poo

Can’t Complain

Capture the Plague

The Cathoholics

The Church of Abject Sorrow

Comedian Crowbar



Danny Price and the Loose Change

The Darren's Mangina Trio

Derek W Dunn

Dinosaur Pills

Dan Infecto

The Dirty Needles

Dummyhead Torpedo

Dwight Dickinson


Esmerelda Strange

Eva Grubb

Evan Mitchell One Man Band

Ever So Android

The Evil Men That Do

Fail Inc

Fall Down Drunks

Fambly Fun!

Filthy Still

The Fisticuffs

The Flips

The Fucking Party

The Gin Soaked Boys

Goddamn Gallows

Gutter Gourmet

Hank Hall and Matty the Kid

The Hard Money Saints

Harley Poe

Henry Berger

Highlight Bomb


HR from Bad Brains

Izzy Cox

James Hunnicutt

Jason and the Punknecks

Javelin Track

Jay Johnson

Jefferson Death Star

Joe Buck Yourself


Joy Tojours and the Toys Dujour


Junkyard Amy Lee

Jug Banditos

Keith Franx

Knuckle Deep


Lady Cannon

Lady Sabotage

Little Big Bang

Lone Madrone

Lonesome Wyatt

Lost City

Matter of Fact

The Mentors

The Mill

Mind Candy

The Misery Jackals

Mob Action

Mr. Plow

MudFlap Revival

Mystery Ship

Nalani Proctor

Noah Tyson

Number 9 Hard

Nrml ppl

Ol’ Red Shed

On the Ground

Paul Diamond Blow

Pete Magliocco

Plus Sized Models

The Plurals

The Poet’s Dance

Those Poor Bastards

Popeye Jonesin

Potty Mouth Society

Rachel Brooke

Rats in the Grass

The Rock Atomics

Ron E Banner

Rory OK and the Worst Band Ever

Ryan McCoy

The Schmidtaholics

Scoliosis Jones

Season of Nightmares

Seconhand Destruction


The Shivering Denizens

Sir Mark the Poet

Sok and the Faggots


S.S. W.E.B.

The Stoned Evergreen Travelers

Suicide Chicken

Swingset Showdown

The Texas Funerals

Truck$top Girlfriend


Toxic Zombie

Triple Sixes

Twysted Trystan

The Vagines

Viva Le Vox

Volcano Lotus

We Must Dismantle All This!

The Whorewoods

Whiskey Avengers

Whiskeytooth String Band

The Wrong Men

Wreckless Freeks

Your High Horse


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