Pretty sure that I'm going to be in the minority, here...


I got this book because I love listening to the "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast. The scenes, situations, and images that they create via the soft-spoken/bedtime story voice of the narrator "Cecil" has left me with hours of daydreaming. The podcast is short, sweet, and feeds the imagination of its audience.


Reading this made me realize that I love the podcast for exactly that's short, sweet, and it feeds my imagination.


Is this book Night Vale? It absolutely is Night Vale. It's bizarre and filled with unexpected twists and turns. It's not twelve to twenty minutes, though. It's over three hundred pages. It's three hundred pages of poetic tangents and multi-page character descriptions. Is there a story in here? Yes there is, and it's pretty good, but you have to get through about two hundred pages of fluff until things start happening.


The television program "Saturday Night Live" gets movie deals based off of their skits. Those movies usually suck. You know why? It's because they're trying to take a give-minute sketch comedy piece and turn it into a ninety minute story. Don't get me wrong, this book didn't suck, but they're trying to take a twelve to twenty minute podcast and turn it into three-hundred page novel. I don't see myself enjoying a three-hour podcast of "Welcome to Night Vale."


Again, I'm pretty sure that I'm the minority, this book has received an enormous amount of praise. Here's who I think will love this read: people that enjoy heavy-visuals in story-telling, and love when an author can bring something out of the book and put it in front of you. Some of the writing in here makes your imagination go bananas. You can see, smell, and feel where the characters are.


If you're like me, and you get impatient when there's too much "fluff" in writing, don't worry! You'll love the podcast. I still listen to it, even though I didn't really like the book.




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