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What is Death Polka, anyhow?


Death Polka is the combination of punk rock, polka, metal, bluegrass, sacred harp singing, blues and several other genres of music. This beautiful mixture of sounds that wouldn't normally hold hands together is brought to you by Ando Ehlers through an accordion, a ukulele and a foot-stomping performance that has been described as " enthusiasm that borders on crazed glee." (quote from Live Seattle, Music in the Clubs).


The variety of music that Ehlers plays ranges anywhere from slow portraits of misery to charged renditions of punk-legend GG Allin songs. Per Noise and Color's Hannah Jacobsen: "As a solo act, his performance is lively and energetic. Gesturing wildly to the crowd, he performs in almost a theatrical manner. As a vocalist and songwriter, Ehlers is quite out of the ordinary. His dramatic vocals enhance the lyrical content, which itself, is nothing short of thought provoking. The lyrics tell a story of the darker side of people, the disappointment in human kind, and a sense of general misanthropy. His lyrics are poetic, beautifully written, and very dark."


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With over 200 career shows in US tours, Death Polka has made its mark in music and isn't going anywhere until it reaches the ears of all. Most elements of life itself are an inspiration for Ando Ehlers, and new music is constantly being written and performed. With the resurgence of accordions and vaudeville culture returning to the stage, Death Polka plans to play an active role in supporting these almost-forgotten art forms in any way that it can.


Death Polka has a little something for everyone in it, whether it's drinking and dancing or sitting and listening. People who enjoy the tunes frequently compare it to the Tiger Lillies, Tom Waits, GG Allin, Dead Kennedys, Jason Webley, the Decemberists and Minor Threat.


Grab a drink, get up front, stomp your foot and sing along, or hang back and heckle. All is encouraged at an Ando Ehlers show as long as the vibes are positive and fun is in the air!


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